10 websites with fashionable and affordable clothing

As we all know, college students tend to be busy all the time. For instance, I do not have always time to go to the mall and look for clothes. For me, online shopping is not only fast and convenient, but I can also find awesome deals that are sometimes harder to find in stores. Yes, it is possible to look stylish and not to have spent half of your bank account on your clothes.

Here are 10 great websites to shop from to get fashionable and affordable clothing for women and men:

  1. Forever 21

Probably this is the most popular website for college students to buy clothing from. Here you will always find the lasts trends and their clothes are incredibly cheap. This online shop has clothing for virtually everyone – from the Love 21 to the plus size collection.

  1. Mod Deals

Mod Deals is an online shop for women’s fashion store that sells accessories, jewelry, purses and beauty products. The items are cute and inexpensive.

  1. Styles For Less

Styles For Less has a lot of many store locations, but doing your online shopping from the website is the easiest option. This website sells women’s clothing, footwear and more. You should definitely check it out when we’re online shopping.

  1. 10 Dollar Mall

This website has clothes under $10 for everyone. Everything from there is trendy and either &10 or less.

  1. Necessary Clothing

It has fashionable women’s clothing at cheap prices. The best part is that everything here is either $10 or less.

  1. Charlotte Russe

This is a popular store for young women. Here you can find great deals. For example, you can buy one pair of shoes and get another pair for $5. The dresses and skirts are stylish and super cheap.

  1. Rue 21

Rue 21 has amazing clothes for both women and men. You can find here awesome dresses, skirts, tees, accessories, fragrances and much more.

  1. Deb

Deb women’s clothes both junior size and plus size. You can get anything form here, from a prom dress to a jumpsuit.

  1. Go Jane

Go Jane has clothes for every occasion. This store has accessories like belts, hats, and sunglasses for low prices. Browse through the website to see what’s new and trending.

  1. ASOS

This store sell’s bot men’s and women’s clothing. From here you can buy even vintage clothing.

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Sites for uploading photographies

Photography is a hard business and nowadays internet helps you to learn few dollars of your photos – particularly if you have some great shots. These days there are a lot of people who have high-quality digital cameras. If you are one of them you may be able to earn a little money. There are many sites were you can upload your photos and even sell them as stock photography.

Most sites are looking for a certain level of work, so this requires a little extra effort. Also, most sites have been invaded with family photos and everyone’s travel so it’s good to have something a little different.

Here are some stock photography sites:

Stockxpert – this site offers a respectable reach: it’s linked with stock.xchng, a web site where you can find a large number of people looking for free photos.  Stockxpert requires you to sing up for a free account, a few sample photos and then ti apply to be a seller. Of each photo you sell you will receive 50 percent of the price.

iStockphoto – this site is pretty well known. They have been in this business since 2001 and that’s why they have an extensive collection of stock photography to sell. Here you have to sign up for a free iStockphoto account, read a manual and answer a quiz. iStockphoto will want to see three samples of your best photography. This site has much higher traffic than many other stock photography site and sells more photos. Of all downloads of you photo you will get 20 to 40 percent.

Crestockthis site will require to register for a free account and you will receive 30 percent of the price of every image you sell through this website.

Fotolia – this site offers 64 percent of sales and has a record of accepting far more photos than most other sites. Fotolia doesn’t have much traffic as other sites, but this site is a good fit for the right photographer.

Dreamstimethis site offers a will offer a compensation based on the number of downloads. The price tag of the better selling photos is higher and photographers can get from 50 to 60 percent of the sale price.

Always remember – these sites aren’t a fast way to get rich, but with a little work you can post images that keep bringing in some money.


Free educational videos

Do you want some online resources for finding free educational videos? Here is a list with sites that offer extensive video libraries for free and without registration.

Academic Earth – thousands of video lectures form the world’s top scholars.

Brightstorm – free math lessons, short-form online video lessons by professional educators.

Cosmo Learning – documentaries and online video lessons.

Coursera – lectures taught by world-class professors and reinforced through interactive exercises.

EdX – courses designed especially for interactive study via the web.

Internet Archive – great collection of more than two-hundred thousand free historical videos, many academic.

Futures Channel – high quality multimedia content for use in the classroom.

Howcast – professional videos

Math Tv – professional videos lessons in mathematics.

Learner.org – professionally developed programming for K-12 classrooms.

MIT Video – guide to more than 11.000 interesting MIT lectures and videos.

PBS – free videos from your favorite PBS programs, including nova and Frontline.

SchoolTube – Video sharing platform for schools featuring original content created by students.

SchoolsWorld – professional videos and practical resources for educator development.


10 music download free sites

If you ever tried to download music you already know how frustrating this experience can be. Well, it shouldn’t be like this and if you wanna change this here are some sites that actually work. I choose this website because they host tons of music, they offer easily searchable and well organized databases and, of course, they are completely legal and free.

Here are 10 music download free sites:

MP3.com – this is a well-organized site where artists have the opportunity to upload their music and fans can download it for free. Also, this site has an easy search function and every user can browse through music by genre.

Incompetechthis site is like a godsend for everyone who needs music. If you choose to use a song downloaded from here be sure to give ownership credit.

MadeLoud – here you will find tons of free music downloads. You should definitely try this site if you are an avid music consumer and you want to support independent artists.

Public Domain 4Uthis website is more than a library with free songs. This site represents a window into great historical music recordings. Here you can enjoy beautiful recordings and but you can also learn about old timers like Cajun artists Joe and Cleoma Falcon and blues legend Big Joe Williams.

Bump Foot – on this site you can find mixes with names like “foot242” and “bump200”. Typically these contain anywhere from 9 to 20 songs. Bump Foot is a great database with tons of songs.

Epitonic – this sites’ offer “thousands of free and legal carefully curated MP3s.” Among ithers, here you will find songs by the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Metric, Sonic Youth and Runt the Jewels.

Pure Volume – on this website all fans can find not only music for download but also top songs, featured artists and top downloads.

Soundowl – on this website you will find every genre you can think up: trap, rap, house, dubstep, moonbahton, electro. In case you are looking for a freestyle or something you can find here tons of instrumentals.

Last.fm – this is more than just a place form where you can grab free tunes. This site it’s a como radio-social networking site where you can find new music and download free MP3s from the likes of Yeasayer, Bon Yver, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Free Music Archive – this site is an interactive high-quality library. Here you will find only track which are free for listening and educational use. You can search by genres or by curator, form pop to hip-hop. Also, if you really love the work you have the option to “tip”.

So here are 10 great sites with free music. Enjoy the genre you like and come visit these websites.


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Traveling lovers meet on Yuusk

We all know how interesting and beautiful can traveling be. An experience in every corner of this world can be an unforgettable one, but at the same time this experience can be quite expensive. There’s no need to give up on your dream of traveling around the world if you take in consideration a great opportunity. Do you wonder what it is about? Well, there’s nothing complicated. We are talking about a traveling site where people get to know each other and eventually they will met in real life in order to travel together.

This site is named Yuusk.com. Here, as a boy, you can find thousands of adventurous girls who want to travel and as a girl you will find generous and attractive guys. This site is not just a simple travel dating site. Yuusk is the most exclusive site in this niche. This site is about luxury and best experiences ever. All members are chosen very careful and this is like a guarantee that you will not encounter problems. Only the pleasure of traveling and meeting new peoples and that’s all.

You all deserve sugar daddies or beautiful ladies as a travel companion. This kind all experience is more fascinating when you share it with somebody who deserves you attention and affection. All you have to do is to choose the right person and to travel with her or him around the world for an all-inclusive vacation.

Great experience with Yuusk


Bahamas, Mexico, Paris, America, Hawaii, Italy, Scotland – sounds truly captivating, right?

Singing up for Yusk is quite easy, but it is compulsory to be 18 or older. Select the membership type, enter the email address and you are a full right member. Why is Yuusk so exclusive? Because male members are paying lots of money in order to find a girl who wants to travel. For girls, registration is for free, but for men the process is a different one. If they want to register as a member on this site, they have to choose between “Standard Membership” and “VIP Membership”. For “Standard Membership” they will pay €89 per month and for “VIP Membership” the price is €299 per month. There’s no doubt that no one will pay such a price if they wouldn’t really want to find someone who wants to travel with them around the world. If your go to sleep at night thinking how nice it would be if you could go to beautiful island, on a cruise or to visit the mountains in North California, you definitely need to sign up on Yuusk. Every dream full of luxury, beautiful connections and souls that have the same vibe can become a reality.

Generous man are waiting to treat you like a queen and attractive women are willing become your open-minded and beautiful travel companion.

Travel Lovers chat only on Yuusk.com

Easy way to improve your English

Do you wanna find a way to learn and improve your English? Well, in this case, you can go to school, hire teacher or take an online course. Among all these, the cheapest and yet efficient to way is to learn English online for free. Sounds really interesting, right?

If you want to learn English online for free you need a computer with internet access. Then, you must visit some English learning sites and the work is almost done. Without paying any money and with minimum effort. Cool, right? If you search online you will discover plenty of such websites, but here are 6 sites that worth your attention:

  1. Ello

Ello will focus on your English listening skill. Here you can listen to speakers from all over the world. The topics are different, such as travels, sports, games and so on. Under the audio player there is related text script. Also, on this website you cans listen some nice English songs or even watch some videos.

Fun Easy English

This site focuses on the basic English knowledge and teaching tips. The coursed form here include grammar, slang, idioms, pronunciation, writing, tests and so on. Most part of the courses are available in Video format, plus test scripts and pictures.

  1. Go4English.com

Go4English.com belongs to British Council and this website offers English learning informations and test for kids, students and teachers. Here you can learn English online while you are listening to music, taling a test or even playing a game.

  1. Lang-8

This site focuses on writing in a foreign language. Here you have to write in the language that you wanna learn, then the native speakers will correct you and also you can help others learn your native language by correcting their writing.

  1. Busuu

Bussu is a site which provides a few courses, including vocabulary training, writing exercises, reading comprehension etc. Besides courses, you can learn English online by chatting with other members.

  1. Livemocha

On Livemocha you can learn a foreign language by courses and communications.  If you want to learn English online you can pick up an English course, chat with the members and submit your answers. Also, you can help other members by checking their submissions.

Ckeck them out and choose your favourite site!

Free moving sites for movie streaming

Free moving sites for movie streaming

Do you know what means “movie streaming”? Well, “movie streaming is about watching movies online without downloading them. When you choose movie streaming you choose not to wait downloading a file to play. Instead of downloading, movie will be sent in a continuous stream of data and it will be played as it arrives.

Well, here are some benefits and minuses when it comes to watching movies on stream. Most obvious thing is that you will save time on downloading. Beside this, you just have to choose the movie you wanna watch and click on play. This is about instantness. One of the bigger minuses is the quality of the video, but nowadays more sites are offering even HD quality streams. Another disadvantage could be the internet speed. For example. For HD movies you need to have more than 1 Mbps an in some cases up to more than 3 Mbps. Even in these situations, you can watch movies in slightly lower quality.

Let’s discover 7 best free moving sites

When it comes to free streaming with one simple online search you will discover a bunch of sites. I choose 7 of them who were free, no paying, no login and no registration needed.

WoloWtube.co – Is a movie search engine and it has more the 15000+ titles. The layout is basic and simple but also nice and functional. This is site is a new one.


Putlocker.is – This site has huge database of titles available for watching online. You can choose to watch one movie on the site or on some 3 party hosting sites. Is updated on daily basis and they have no additional futures like forum or chat and the option to create account.


MerDB.cn – Here you will find hundreds of streaming links per movie. They also have pop up ads but it you’ll make an account you can disable them. On this site you have a forum where you can discuss about movies, streaming etc.


Viooz.ac – This is another interesting and popular site. All movies are embed on site so you won’t have to watch it on third party host sites. Here you have an option to register on the site, but you don’t have to if you don’t want.


Yify.tv – Their strongest side is movie quality. It is not one of the biggest film sites but it has a unique and interesting design. Try to ignore the fake play buttons (instant play, stream in hd, download, play in hd) if you wanna have a more pleasant time on this site.


MoviesPlanet.tv – This site doesn’t have the biggest database of movies but it has a great video quality. They ask a require registration but is a simple mail registration.


LosMovies.tv – This is one of the most complete sites for free streaming. Quality of the video varies and you will see on the cover what video quality have the movie: 3D, CAM, HD or DVD.


I hope this was a helful post.

Have a nice day!

Popular Game Websites

Have you ever wondered why gamers love to game? Well, let’s find out some reasons and the top of the most Popular Game Websites.


There are a lot of reasons which can explain why people love to play online games. While some love to challenge themselves, others love to troll others. It is impossible to be one singular reason for someone to enjoy gaming. So, let’s make a short list with these reasons:

  1. Intense challenge.

While playing a game you have to concentrate and to be part of a team. Some games require specific skills. There are some players out there that crave for challenge.

  1. Socializing with strangers.

Games like World of WarCraft (WoW) help people to connect to others and to meet a large numbers of fellow players. Socializing with strangers could be exciting and this is one of the top reasons of why someone should start to play games. While you are playing you can chat with random people.

  1. Relaxing entertainment

Gaming is a form of digital entertainment. One of the best reasons to game is if you want to have a relaxing time. There’s nothing wrong if you play a game just for relax.

  1. Playing with friends

After you’ll visit a LAN and see how much fun is to be had you’ll definitely want to play games with your friends. Sometimes, gamers continue to playing a specific game because they have friends there. For example, playing WoW you have the occasion to make a ton of friends in a specific guild.

  1. Gamming addition

Some players get trapped in the game world and this is a real issue. Games like WoW and Diablo III are some of the most addictive games out there. If you want not to develop health issues, you should take gaming in moderation.


These are the main reasons of why gamers love to game. Let’s find out the most Popular Game Websites.

  1. Miniclip – the best website to play games for free.
  2. Armor Games – here you will find best action games.
  3. Kongregate – it has a massive range of games in every genre.
  4. AddictingGames.com – here you will find games which are fun, enjoyable and amazing.
  5. Newgrounds – an amazing site not just for games but also for videos.
  6. Girls Go Games – it has really good games for girls.
  7. Fog – it has many new games for uploading, downloading and playing online.
  8. Agame.com – here you will find the best games for boys.



Best online fashion sites

Once, Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”


And this is true. Fashion can’t be defined exclusively by our clothing choice. Fashion exists also in the way we carry ourselves, our views of the world and in our personalities. Fashion is simply the prevailing custom or style, as in behavior or dress.

If you want to sharpen your style, let’s visit right now some of the best online shopping destinations.


Net-a-Porter. Net-a-Porter never fails deliver and is considered the ultimate online shopping destination. This site allows you to see items being shopped in real time and it has a wedding section that offers everything and anything bridal.

StyleBop. This site is beautifully constructed and offers designer buys for women and men. Here you will find beautiful fashion editorials and a beauty section. In additional, Tumblr and Pinterest lovers will find here extra-large images.


Bonadrag. At Bonadrag.com you will find and elective mix of accessories and clothing.

Avenue 32. If you are looking for a mix of super-chic products and the right dose of cool you are in the right place. At Avenue 32 you will be surprised with established brands – Carven, Proenza Schouler and Narciso Rodriguez, but also with younger brands, such as Muveil and Vivietta.

Crew. This website gives a particular attention to accessories designer collaborations and to the brand’s impressive shoe. Here you will find from sweaters by Comme des Garcons to jewelry by Lulu Frost and this is not all because J. Crew will continue to partner with new and existing brands. Their monthly catalogue is a must-have style guide for any fashion addicted.


Shopbob. It doesn’t matter if you are on hunt for formal frocks or for casual daywear. In this fashion magazine you will find trend-report-like boutiques on the website for clothes that have an editor-approved flair.

La garconne. Here you will find tomboyish threads and at bottom line you’ll come across modern, minimal wares with clean-lines cuts and oversized sweaters.


So, anytime you need a fashion site pleace come and visit these online fashion sites. Let’s discover and shop trending fashion items.

Your Own Online Library


Do you love reading? So do I! I love to buy books and enrich my personal library.


Since you won’t find every book you want in your native language, here are some international book selling websites where you’ll find books in English language. If you can’t find your book on Google, E-bay or Amazon, here’s the chance to discover some reliable websites that sell books internationally. They will ship the books you want to your home, even if they are located thousands of miles away.


Better World Books is an excellent website where you will find almost always sweet deals. It is true that here you won’t find the lowest price on the market. Anyways, this aspect it varies from book to book. Their service is impeccable and all the books, even the used ones, are very well maintained. Last time I ordered here I had a great bonus: free international shipping. Also, you should know that you can donate books (a service available only within the U.S.).

On this website you will find an impressive number to boast with: 10 million donated books and more than 105 books recycled or reused.

Book Depository is another online book selling website which comes with free shipping for all their books. Here you’ll find books that are ridiculously cheap – for example you can buy the Great Gatsby for $3.18.

Amazon Books. On this website you’ll find a huge diversity of eBooks and books that are very well groped by different authors, genres and languages. Also, if you want to, you can sell your books that you no longer need on Amazon and make some money.

Besides these websites, there are still many reliable online services with international shipping (Alibris, Lulu, Biblio, Barnes & Noble, Thrift Books, AbeBooks etc.). For me, the above mentioned websites managed to satisfy my reading needs.