10 music download free sites

If you ever tried to download music you already know how frustrating this experience can be. Well, it shouldn’t be like this and if you wanna change this here are some sites that actually work. I choose this website because they host tons of music, they offer easily searchable and well organized databases and, of course, they are completely legal and free.

Here are 10 music download free sites:

MP3.com – this is a well-organized site where artists have the opportunity to upload their music and fans can download it for free. Also, this site has an easy search function and every user can browse through music by genre.

Incompetechthis site is like a godsend for everyone who needs music. If you choose to use a song downloaded from here be sure to give ownership credit.

MadeLoud – here you will find tons of free music downloads. You should definitely try this site if you are an avid music consumer and you want to support independent artists.

Public Domain 4Uthis website is more than a library with free songs. This site represents a window into great historical music recordings. Here you can enjoy beautiful recordings and but you can also learn about old timers like Cajun artists Joe and Cleoma Falcon and blues legend Big Joe Williams.

Bump Foot – on this site you can find mixes with names like “foot242” and “bump200”. Typically these contain anywhere from 9 to 20 songs. Bump Foot is a great database with tons of songs.

Epitonic – this sites’ offer “thousands of free and legal carefully curated MP3s.” Among ithers, here you will find songs by the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Metric, Sonic Youth and Runt the Jewels.

Pure Volume – on this website all fans can find not only music for download but also top songs, featured artists and top downloads.

Soundowl – on this website you will find every genre you can think up: trap, rap, house, dubstep, moonbahton, electro. In case you are looking for a freestyle or something you can find here tons of instrumentals.

Last.fm – this is more than just a place form where you can grab free tunes. This site it’s a como radio-social networking site where you can find new music and download free MP3s from the likes of Yeasayer, Bon Yver, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Free Music Archive – this site is an interactive high-quality library. Here you will find only track which are free for listening and educational use. You can search by genres or by curator, form pop to hip-hop. Also, if you really love the work you have the option to “tip”.

So here are 10 great sites with free music. Enjoy the genre you like and come visit these websites.


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We all know how interesting and beautiful can traveling be. An experience in every corner of this world can be an unforgettable one, but at the same time this experience can be quite expensive. There’s no need to give up on your dream of traveling around the world if you take in consideration a great opportunity. Do you wonder what it is about? Well, there’s nothing complicated. We are talking about a traveling site where people get to know each other and eventually they will met in real life in order to travel together.

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