Sites for uploading photographies

Photography is a hard business and nowadays internet helps you to learn few dollars of your photos – particularly if you have some great shots. These days there are a lot of people who have high-quality digital cameras. If you are one of them you may be able to earn a little money. There are many sites were you can upload your photos and even sell them as stock photography.

Most sites are looking for a certain level of work, so this requires a little extra effort. Also, most sites have been invaded with family photos and everyone’s travel so it’s good to have something a little different.

Here are some stock photography sites:

Stockxpert – this site offers a respectable reach: it’s linked with stock.xchng, a web site where you can find a large number of people looking for free photos.  Stockxpert requires you to sing up for a free account, a few sample photos and then ti apply to be a seller. Of each photo you sell you will receive 50 percent of the price.

iStockphoto – this site is pretty well known. They have been in this business since 2001 and that’s why they have an extensive collection of stock photography to sell. Here you have to sign up for a free iStockphoto account, read a manual and answer a quiz. iStockphoto will want to see three samples of your best photography. This site has much higher traffic than many other stock photography site and sells more photos. Of all downloads of you photo you will get 20 to 40 percent.

Crestockthis site will require to register for a free account and you will receive 30 percent of the price of every image you sell through this website.

Fotolia – this site offers 64 percent of sales and has a record of accepting far more photos than most other sites. Fotolia doesn’t have much traffic as other sites, but this site is a good fit for the right photographer.

Dreamstimethis site offers a will offer a compensation based on the number of downloads. The price tag of the better selling photos is higher and photographers can get from 50 to 60 percent of the sale price.

Always remember – these sites aren’t a fast way to get rich, but with a little work you can post images that keep bringing in some money.


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