Popular Game Websites

Have you ever wondered why gamers love to game? Well, let’s find out some reasons and the top of the most Popular Game Websites.


There are a lot of reasons which can explain why people love to play online games. While some love to challenge themselves, others love to troll others. It is impossible to be one singular reason for someone to enjoy gaming. So, let’s make a short list with these reasons:

  1. Intense challenge.

While playing a game you have to concentrate and to be part of a team. Some games require specific skills. There are some players out there that crave for challenge.

  1. Socializing with strangers.

Games like World of WarCraft (WoW) help people to connect to others and to meet a large numbers of fellow players. Socializing with strangers could be exciting and this is one of the top reasons of why someone should start to play games. While you are playing you can chat with random people.

  1. Relaxing entertainment

Gaming is a form of digital entertainment. One of the best reasons to game is if you want to have a relaxing time. There’s nothing wrong if you play a game just for relax.

  1. Playing with friends

After you’ll visit a LAN and see how much fun is to be had you’ll definitely want to play games with your friends. Sometimes, gamers continue to playing a specific game because they have friends there. For example, playing WoW you have the occasion to make a ton of friends in a specific guild.

  1. Gamming addition

Some players get trapped in the game world and this is a real issue. Games like WoW and Diablo III are some of the most addictive games out there. If you want not to develop health issues, you should take gaming in moderation.


These are the main reasons of why gamers love to game. Let’s find out the most Popular Game Websites.

  1. Miniclip – the best website to play games for free.
  2. Armor Games – here you will find best action games.
  3. Kongregate – it has a massive range of games in every genre.
  4. AddictingGames.com – here you will find games which are fun, enjoyable and amazing.
  5. Newgrounds – an amazing site not just for games but also for videos.
  6. Girls Go Games – it has really good games for girls.
  7. Fog – it has many new games for uploading, downloading and playing online.
  8. Agame.com – here you will find the best games for boys.