Your Own Online Library


Do you love reading? So do I! I love to buy books and enrich my personal library.


Since you won’t find every book you want in your native language, here are some international book selling websites where you’ll find books in English language. If you can’t find your book on Google, E-bay or Amazon, here’s the chance to discover some reliable websites that sell books internationally. They will ship the books you want to your home, even if they are located thousands of miles away.


Better World Books is an excellent website where you will find almost always sweet deals. It is true that here you won’t find the lowest price on the market. Anyways, this aspect it varies from book to book. Their service is impeccable and all the books, even the used ones, are very well maintained. Last time I ordered here I had a great bonus: free international shipping. Also, you should know that you can donate books (a service available only within the U.S.).

On this website you will find an impressive number to boast with: 10 million donated books and more than 105 books recycled or reused.

Book Depository is another online book selling website which comes with free shipping for all their books. Here you’ll find books that are ridiculously cheap – for example you can buy the Great Gatsby for $3.18.

Amazon Books. On this website you’ll find a huge diversity of eBooks and books that are very well groped by different authors, genres and languages. Also, if you want to, you can sell your books that you no longer need on Amazon and make some money.

Besides these websites, there are still many reliable online services with international shipping (Alibris, Lulu, Biblio, Barnes & Noble, Thrift Books, AbeBooks etc.). For me, the above mentioned websites managed to satisfy my reading needs.


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