Easy way to improve your English

Do you wanna find a way to learn and improve your English? Well, in this case, you can go to school, hire teacher or take an online course. Among all these, the cheapest and yet efficient to way is to learn English online for free. Sounds really interesting, right?

If you want to learn English online for free you need a computer with internet access. Then, you must visit some English learning sites and the work is almost done. Without paying any money and with minimum effort. Cool, right? If you search online you will discover plenty of such websites, but here are 6 sites that worth your attention:

  1. Ello

Ello will focus on your English listening skill. Here you can listen to speakers from all over the world. The topics are different, such as travels, sports, games and so on. Under the audio player there is related text script. Also, on this website you cans listen some nice English songs or even watch some videos.

Fun Easy English

This site focuses on the basic English knowledge and teaching tips. The coursed form here include grammar, slang, idioms, pronunciation, writing, tests and so on. Most part of the courses are available in Video format, plus test scripts and pictures.

  1. Go4English.com

Go4English.com belongs to British Council and this website offers English learning informations and test for kids, students and teachers. Here you can learn English online while you are listening to music, taling a test or even playing a game.

  1. Lang-8

This site focuses on writing in a foreign language. Here you have to write in the language that you wanna learn, then the native speakers will correct you and also you can help others learn your native language by correcting their writing.

  1. Busuu

Bussu is a site which provides a few courses, including vocabulary training, writing exercises, reading comprehension etc. Besides courses, you can learn English online by chatting with other members.

  1. Livemocha

On Livemocha you can learn a foreign language by courses and communications.  If you want to learn English online you can pick up an English course, chat with the members and submit your answers. Also, you can help other members by checking their submissions.

Ckeck them out and choose your favourite site!

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