Free moving sites for movie streaming

Free moving sites for movie streaming

Do you know what means “movie streaming”? Well, “movie streaming is about watching movies online without downloading them. When you choose movie streaming you choose not to wait downloading a file to play. Instead of downloading, movie will be sent in a continuous stream of data and it will be played as it arrives.

Well, here are some benefits and minuses when it comes to watching movies on stream. Most obvious thing is that you will save time on downloading. Beside this, you just have to choose the movie you wanna watch and click on play. This is about instantness. One of the bigger minuses is the quality of the video, but nowadays more sites are offering even HD quality streams. Another disadvantage could be the internet speed. For example. For HD movies you need to have more than 1 Mbps an in some cases up to more than 3 Mbps. Even in these situations, you can watch movies in slightly lower quality.

Let’s discover 7 best free moving sites

When it comes to free streaming with one simple online search you will discover a bunch of sites. I choose 7 of them who were free, no paying, no login and no registration needed. – Is a movie search engine and it has more the 15000+ titles. The layout is basic and simple but also nice and functional. This is site is a new one.

wolowtube-co2 – This site has huge database of titles available for watching online. You can choose to watch one movie on the site or on some 3 party hosting sites. Is updated on daily basis and they have no additional futures like forum or chat and the option to create account. – Here you will find hundreds of streaming links per movie. They also have pop up ads but it you’ll make an account you can disable them. On this site you have a forum where you can discuss about movies, streaming etc.

Merdb – This is another interesting and popular site. All movies are embed on site so you won’t have to watch it on third party host sites. Here you have an option to register on the site, but you don’t have to if you don’t want.

viooz – Their strongest side is movie quality. It is not one of the biggest film sites but it has a unique and interesting design. Try to ignore the fake play buttons (instant play, stream in hd, download, play in hd) if you wanna have a more pleasant time on this site.

Yify-TV-Top-Websites-to-Watch-TV-Shows-Movies-Online-For-Free – This site doesn’t have the biggest database of movies but it has a great video quality. They ask a require registration but is a simple mail registration.

maxresdefault – This is one of the most complete sites for free streaming. Quality of the video varies and you will see on the cover what video quality have the movie: 3D, CAM, HD or DVD.


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